Buy cheap furniture with good quality – The Ultimate Taobao Furniture Guide

~ Remember, remember the eleventh of November ~

Taobao Furniture

It is that time of the year again, the eleventh of November is upon us! So what? you may ask. And indeed if you are not familiar with the Chinese E-commerce scene, you may not be aware of this, but the 11th of November is judgement day for every online-shopping enthusiast. Discounts become the rule with the average rate dropping to less than 50% of its original price, and nearly all shops provide free shipping. In a way it’s a mash-up of the American Black Friday and Cyber Monday, put on steroids  – and gone Chinese.

The story of Taobao has been told time and again:

You can buy anything and everything.
You can buy it cheap – and on 11/11, that will be the understatement of the year.
Yet there’s always that one concern – quality

To mitigate against the dangers of bad quality we at have assembled from within our ranks an expert team of Taobao-shopping veterans. At your service, we have carefully curated a list of must-browse furniture shops on Taobao. So let’s get them shop carts full with cheap furniture, while the discounts last!

Before we get to the list though, some quick pointers!

  1. Many special discounts and rebates are available exclusively to those residing in Malaysia and Singapore (for DBS, CitiBank, Maybank, AXS, and Revpay); check it out here.
  2. The 11/11 festival also include many different shipping deals, as can be found here.
  3. And lastly, for a brief, holistic overview of what is to come see the one minute guide to Taobao 11/11

The Shops

I. 林氏木业家具旗舰店品牌直销 / Lin Wood Furniture Shop

Taobao Furniture

Specialised in bed-sets Lin Wood’s  shop offers a wide variety of types and styles of furniture from Korean to Scandinavian, to Chinese and even European. What is more, they have an excellent children’s section with many themed bed combo’s

II. 源氏木语家居旗舰店品牌直销 / Genji’s Wooden Home Shop

Taobao Furniture

This is your go-to option when you are eyeing true woodwork. Genji’s shop offers its furniture in a wide variety of wood sorts. Made from Oak, Acadia, or Elm, you will be able to find desks, cupboards, wardrobes, nightstands, tables, chairs, drawers, and dressers – in all shapes and sizes.

III. 雅居格家居旗舰店品牌直销 / Agile Grid Home

Taobao Furniture

If you are in the market for eccentrically-carved furniture with a touch of vintage then Agile Grid is the shop for you. Host to many a living room set of couches, tables, and accompanying cabinets this can be your one-stop store to transforming your entire living room.

IV. 卫诗理旗舰店 / Li Wei Shi Shop

Taobao Furniture

It is not for everybody, but if royal-like bedrooms make your heart quicken, then Li Wei Shi is your gateway to paradise. Set against a background of renaissance-styled artefacts, Li Wei Shi’s shop is the place where beds are transformed to thrones and the motto more is better drips of every piece of furniture.


And while it isn’t exactly furniture… a little something for the kids:

V. 妃宇母婴专营店 / Fei Yu Baby Speciality Store  

Taobao Furniture

Feel like pampering the little ones? Fei Yu Baby Speciality Store sells all that your children may dream of – from small toys to whole playhouses.

VI. 大匠风家居品牌店 / Dajiang Furniture Shop

Taobao Artefacts

Give your home some character with one of the hundreds of decorative items in Dajiang’s furniture shop. And no worries, it’s not all skulls – there’s cats, and dogs and bunnies and much, much more!


Stocked up on food and drinks? Got your laptop or phone fully charged? Finished your shortlist? Yes, Yes, and… Yes? Then it is Taobao-time. Ready, set and shop!

Taobao Furniture

This guide forms the sequel to the Ultimate Taobao Guide which we had written last year around. Hope you enjoyed it!

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